Living with chronic illness and chronic pain is a journey that defines every day…

so that means we get a new chance, every day, to find a smile despite the pain 🙂



***LET’S BE HONEST, FOLKS.  Government shut down leaves people like me – the medically needy women and children – to suffer, starve, and lose our housing.

Why are we abandoning our own people in favor of illegal immigrants?

That is the message you all, who are fighting for the idea of what “SHOULD” happen, are sending to your own American Citizens —— you are telling people like me that you value illegal immigrants over citizens AND you are willing to make ME pay the price for YOUR ideal image of our country

Reality – stop hurting American Citizens.  Wake up.  Feed our own people first… do not make ME suffer while you get to rage on social media and collect your tax benefits.


Learning to live with chronic pain is not easy; learning to live with chronic pain during an opioid and narcotic epidemic is even harder. It is a challenge one must accept, however, in order to find quality of life despite the pain.

Chronic illness and chronic pain affect every aspect of a patient’s life – altering their sense of self, their morale, their perception of the world around them, and their outlook on the future. Living with chronic pain and illness is a life-altering event – and learning to “roll with the tides” as they say becomes a daily must for patients. Feeling at the whim of our pain, our bodies, and things out of our control is frustrating, overwhelming – and can be disabling all on its own.

There is good news, however!

As the nation begins to wake up and to understand chronic pain, its effects on individuals, families, and society, all of us chronic pain patients get a chance of a lifetime – WE GET TO LEARN HOW TO TAKE BACK CONTROL OF OUR LIVES!

All it takes is some understanding, acceptance, and compassion. 🙂

So, that is the purpose of this website – to spread knowledge as a way to help other patients on their daily journey to find a smile that powers them forward each day 🙂

You are not in this alone 🙂 Hang strong, keep your chin up, and keep f*cking going – you can do this 🙂