Pain, Stress, Emotions, Trauma – all connected!

All these things are processed in the same part of the brain.

All of these things trigger the “Fight or Flight or Freeze” stress response equally.

These things all exist in a part of the brain where there is no time – so when a pattern in the environment reminds you of a pattern in your past, the unconscious body reactions are the same *unless you consciously remember time*.

Identifying triggers in your life that cause arousal of the stress response is critical to reducing the AMPLITUDE OF THE PATTERNS —- quieting the whole response, and permitting you to manage your pain CONSCIOUSLY.

Medical trauma makes this whole process more difficult.

Patients with chronic illness and pain are often classified by their out of balance stress response instead of by the medical conditions that is making the stress response difficult to manage.

This results in patients being told they are “crazy” and being denied medical care… which only serves to amplify the stress response because the patient now sees the situation as futile and that they are trapped by the wrongful perception of others.

Some people PURPOSEFULLY exploit a stress response that is being tipped by a medical condition.  Being aware that such people exist is CRITICAL when seeking social supports for chronic illness and pain. ***Sometimes these people will also sabotage your efforts to obtain medical care simply so that they can keep you unbalanced, easily triggered by them, and easily abused and controlled through same mechanisms***

It is important to know these people exist and who they are in your life.

example:  My physical therapist deals with this all the time, sadly.  He told me about a patient who is basically immobilized by their EDS and pain.  The poor woman did all the right things in seeking appropriate care and my PT guy was able to confirm that her EDS is severe and in need of proper management before the patient can begin taking back control of their life.

Unfortunately, like most people with EDS, this woman did not have a supportive family.  In fact, her father had gone out of his way to contact the physical therapist and went on a tirade – saying his daughter is faking, she only does this to manipulate the family, that nothing was wrong with her, and giving in to this idea of EDS makes my PT guy crazy too.


I cried when he told me that story.  It parallels my own struggles to obtaining medical care.

I asked him how he handled the situation.

He said he informed the father his daughter as very real EDS and it was very really immobilizing her.  Then he said to me “And now I know I need to build her back up”.

This is why he chooses to say things like “Your superior dislocation of the shoulder was AWESOME!” instead of “THIS IS BAD”.  He explained once that he uses this language because “You EDS patients have heard enough bad stuff about your bodies, let’s not do it anymore”


MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS NEED TO BE THE FIRST PEOPLE TO IDENTIFY WHEN A PERSON IS IN NEED OF HELP – this is their *job* and they need to do this without external influence.  Doctors need to be objective and not form an opinion of the patient based on the actions of those around the patient.

Doctors need to take what a parent says about the child with a grain of salt.  Too many parents are unable to cope with the idea that their child is suffering, too many parents are suffering and running away from their own lives.  This is part of why we ended up in an opioid and narcotics epidemic in the first place

When the system goes wrong and is exploited like this, as it does for SO MANY people with EDS, then we are ALL in danger.